Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh no she didn't...

...oh yes...I did!

Move back to the Midwest that is. Bread basket of America. Home of the deep fried cheese curds, Obama, deep dish pizza, da Bears, BUTTER. Yep, I'm home. And my mom loves it.

I have embarked on a 2 year journey at Kellogg to earn my degree in Meat & Beer Admiration. Though its no coincidence that I only applied to this one school moments from my home, I am going to take every opportunity to re-visit my favorite haunts and fatten up for the winter to ensure I don't freeze. Kidding, kind of.

I'm already back at it, looking into a new tour if you will. The focus: take us through the offerings at Bat17, here in Evanston. An establishment that makes me want to be a better-fed person, experience 17 varieties of sliders, have the larger triple-play California Dreamin' sandwich and top it off with some dessert. I was in fact so enthusiastic on my first visit that I not only pronounced my love for the waitress, but also told her i'd be back to try everything on the menu. So true to my word...this is our new "tour," readers. I look forward to sharing my every budding experience and hearing your passion-filled responses (please).

Now... I suppose we'll have to reconsider the name of this blog...

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Larah said...

YAY! How about Chicago Chinanigans! Huh? Yes?

I also propose that you add commentary on all the delicious restaurants we try during our weekly dinner date.