Friday, August 14, 2009

A P Supermarket

614 Clinton Street

Because why not?

See? I knew your question and could sense your head scratching with this post. I know you – all of my readers – and can anticipate your reactions before you utter a word (or post a comment – which nobody has aside from my lovely sister Larah, ahem). But yes, back to the point – the A & P supermarket. I feel as though it is only right to talk about the place that I frequent for food with by far the most regularity. It is a great grocery store and has probably the best prices in town.

The store really is quite large and inventory runs the gamut – everything from wine, cheese, produce, and meat to dry goods. It’s all there. Like the grocery stores I remember back home in the land of plenty. There is a seafood counter, though I wouldn’t necessarily vouch for its freshness and quality. But every week there are savings to be had – and on good items (i.e. staples in my kitchen) like wheat thins, laughing cow cheese, diet coke, vegetables, Coppola wines and apples.

I went ahead and signed up for the A & P super special savers card (or whatever its called) and now I get a report at the bottom of each receipt that lists how much money I have saved in some specified period of time. This is always a point of pride for me – It feels so good to save $$!

I do visit the Garden of Eden when I want to stock up on my shirataki noodles and other specialty items that the A & P doesn’t carry – but really, it is much farther away, and unless I want to bring my old grandmother wheeling basket, I really prefer not to lug groceries. (Yes, I do actually have an old lady grocery basket that I use for big shops…What?! It’s practical!)

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Larah said...

The last entry was in August?! Uh oh. Does this mean your Pizza Tour is over?