Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's on

As my search for the best pad thai has met fruition, I am now moving on and devoting myself full time to finding the best pizza in Hoboken.  In the few months that I have been in Hoboken I have had some good pizza—Grimaldis & Benny Tudinos—but I haven’t moved much further.  And while satisfied with these places, I know that there are other spots that I must try.  So I am pushing on with you, my fellow readers, and together we will embark on an expedition that will span from the depths of 14th Street to the foothills of Newark Street.   Though I know that there will be tough times, and moments that I will have to use the core of my strength to push myself—I know that together, well, “YES WE CAN!!”


Off we go…moving around the city of Hoboken in no particular order…

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Larah said...

How is HPT 2009? That is, Hoboken Pizza Tour!

I love you! I hope you are getting nice and plump, just how I like you.