Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sri Thai

I am searching for the best pad thai in Hoboken. Anybody have any suggestions? I have tried a few places, some verging on inedible and some coming quite close to perfection, yet I am still left wanting. The best to date comes from from Sri Thai (234 Bloomfield Street). The little neighborhood joint serves it up hot and consistently delicious every week without failure. The pad thai noodles are not too firm, the sauce has a nice creamy peanut taste and the serving size is plentiful. I usually order a side of rice and peanut sauce along with my noodles, and unfortunately Sri doesn't have brown rice...or the perfect rich and flavorful peanut sauce for that matter. Oh well, cant win 'em all.

Though I have never been to the restaurant, I have ordered the noodles for delivery a number of times and the service is always prompt.

For those of you that love pad thai as I do, and know the impact a balanced sauce has on the whole dish, I can tell you that Sri is pretty darn close. I have found a spot that meets my thai needs and leaves me happy, but I have not yet found the best. I will move forward with my quest and keep all of my thousands upon thousands of readers waiting anxiously. haha. Ok, I will carry on with my search for the best for some pretty selfish purposes, but until then, I will be a regular Sri Thai customer each Sunday and remain 90% satisfied,

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Katharine said...

I recently tried the best...but unfortunately for hobonkers...its in Manhattan. Wondee Siam is by far and away the best I have had to date in NYC. (on 8th Ave in Midtown) Chelsea and I loved the BYO policy and had some vegetable dumplings to start. These were steamed and filled with amazing vegetables, peanuts and a sweet sauce. Amazing. Next we both had the pad thai--chelsea with shrimp, me with chicken, and needless to reiterate, it was incredible. I very highly suggest this place, though those with a discerning eye might consider it "ugly". Maybe its not the best place to take a first date according to standard, but the food is definitely a winner. I highly recommend. Let me know what you think.