Sunday, October 5, 2008

City Bistro

Leave it to my father to walk around Hoboken (his first visit ever) and find the greatest restaurant in a matter of minutes.  So we read a couple reviews and found a winner...City Bistro.  I am about to make a BIG statement.  Ready for it?  I think I had the best steak last night...ever.  Seriously!  (ok, maybe top 5, but!)

My parents came in town, so naturally, I took this opportunity to order a steak (meanwhile they probably think I'm a carnivore, as every time they visit/we vacation, Katharine:Steak is akin to a moth:flame).  I ordered the pecan crusted filet mignon, which came with roasted potatoes, haricort vert and bistro wine au jus and I was blown away.  While I am certainly a pizza connoisseur, and I like to think that I know a thing or two about a good filet, when in the company of Fran and Paul (mom and dad), I am confident that our combined century of experience with beef will not lead us astray.  It was unanimous, the steak was huge, tender, cooked to perfection and with a soft pecan crust it was absolutely mouth watering.  When I finished the thing, despite having far surpassed my elegant sufficiency, I could only think of how much I wanted another.  I'll say it again--wow!

My dad ordered the marinated pork chops that came with mashed potatoes by special request (a Kent tradition...ha I guess that makes us sound like true-blue American fatties...but I assure you, we just have good taste) and my mom ordered a chopped salad.  I am not typically a fan of pork, but these chops were tender and very flavorful.  My dad and I both ordered a glass of Pinot Noir and were very happy with the wine. The chopped salad was prepared very nicely with a light sherry vinaigrette dressing that was a great complement to the finely chopped vegetables and greens. Overall, the food was delicious and left us all satisfied.

City Bistro is sort of a mid-sized restaurant uptown, with a loud dining room and a decent following (for a Saturday night at least).  There is a big bar (a draw on its own) and a handful of tables exclusively for diners.  Our waiter had about as much enthusiasm as a 5th Avenue doorman during the Puerto Rico day parade, but aside from that we really enjoyed our meal.  I would recommend this place for families (not with young children, as I would never encourage the presence of those things in the places I like) and any sort of dining occasion between friends.  I wouldn't say this place has a romantic atmosphere really, so I wouldn't necessarily recommend taking a 1st or 2nd date here, but I guess I can be a tough judge ;) 

(hey..."its the economy stupid")
*Early Evening Menu* served 5-7pm Mon-Thurs, $17 gets you a 3 course dinner 
*Happy Hour* served 5-8 (pm people) Sun-Fri, all drinks 1/2 price

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Katharine said...

UPDATE: I returned to City Bistro on Saturday for dinner with your favorite and my best companion Chelsea, and the menu has changed completely! The steak that I loved so has since been removed from the list, as have a number of other items. The result: a much leaner menu, though it still covers off on the basics.

I am however, not pleased that the delicious filet was removed, and will now have to judge the menu based on the crispy chicken and mussels that Chels and I recently split. Based on this new criteria, I have to say, City Bistro's bright light, at least for me, has dimmed somewhat.